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We are excited to announce Sandsoft Riyadh, a mobile games development studio based in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Creating over 80 exciting career opportunities in the region, the studio is the first step in Sandsoft's significant investment in the MENA gaming ecosystem.

The Riyadh studio acts as a worldwide headquarters for Sandsoft, which is committed to nurturing local talent through a first-of-its-kind paid internship program in the MENA region, Press Start. Launching this year and targeting emergent KSA talent passionate about entering the global games industry, the program will allow a select group of game creators to develop their games with the support and resources of the entire Sandsoft organisation.

Sandsoft Riyadh is hiring! Apply today: Senior Game Programmer, Game Business & Operations, Senior Game Designer, Senior Product Manager, Senior Game Artist, Technical Director and many more...



Sandsoft Games offers full multiplatform publishing services, internal developers and a multicultural team who speak the language.

Sandsoft Games is funded by Ajlan & Bros one of the largest private sector companies in MENA. This partnership provides Sandsoft Games with unrivalled access to a diverse infrastructure.


World-class publishing services including localization, product optimization and culturalization, marketing and customer support.


In-house developers, ensuring developers speak to developers in their language, speeding up production while also ensuring a high standard of quality for games.


We don’t just localize we culturalize. From game design to artwork, even down to the intricacies of inside jokes.


On-the-ground support leveraging our deep experience of GCC and MENA marketing channels maximising user acquisition.

Payment Gateways

Enablement of digital & mobile payments in MENA as a payment solution provider.

Cloud Infrastructure

Local data centers in development in partnership with one of the top cloud providers in the world.


Sandsoft was formed by industry leaders from international video games publishers and local talent with the core ambition to help develop the gaming ecosystem across MENA, modernise the region and to take MENA from an emerging market to a global market leader.

Sandsoft has offices in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Europe (Barcelona and Helsinki) and China (Shanghai) applying a hybrid working model. Sandsoft is looking for talented individuals who share the same drive and vision. With rapid growth plans the team are recruiting for a number of roles.

If you are interested in joining please apply on our Career website.

There’s no time to lose.

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